I started this journey as your typical "youtube inspired " MUA. I was in college, lost, but makeup kept me focused. I had no clue that being a makeup artist could, 1. be a career 2. generate real dollars. I, quickly, set my sights on real goals and made it my mission to add #Booked to everyday vocabulary After working purposefully in the right direction, I could finally feel confident in posting my work or conversing with people.  

I made the decision to invest in myself. 

Time. Money. and more Money.

It was more than worth it. I learned new techniques that would grant me the clients I wanted. 

From my high quality red-carpet-ready glam to my pigmented + shapely editorial looks, I finally found my groove. I finally found a career that I loved.

I know what it feels like to have no sense of direction in your artistry. I also know what it feels like to be ready for a change in your artistry and business!

We only make excuses when we think we aren't ready. 


Are you ready to be #BOOKED?